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Tarragona - Spain

Widely known for Flamenco music, dance, bull-fights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Spain has to offer much more than that. It is - and has been for thousands of years - one of the cultural centres of Europe. It has beautiful cities and towns, offering really old monuments as well as futuristic architecture. Its various regions are all different one to each other, geographically, climatically and even in personality.

Tarragona, located on the Mediterranean coast in the north east of Spain, is the most southern of the Catalan provinces. Consisting of sandy calm, blue water, whereas inland the scenery is enhanced by the intense brightness of the sunlight. Here the carob trees, vineyards, hazel, almond and olive trees give an air of grace and beauty. During the summer the temperature ranges from 23º to 25ºC, The winters are always mild.

In Tarragona you can admire some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the Iberian Peninsula. Another reason to come to this city is one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe: "Universal Port Aventura", located in Vilaseca and Salou, just 9 Km away.

Barcelona airport is approximately 90 Km away from Tarragona. The nearest airport to Tarragona is called REUS airport. Only a few flights other than charter flights land at REUS.