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Menorca - Balearic Islands - Spain

Balearic Islands draws the sun loving tourists to the superb beaches, trendy resorts and lively nightlife. The excellent climate with some 300 days of sun per year make Balearic Islands one of the preferred holiday destinations in Spain Chartering a private yacht in these sun-splashed islands gives you the opportunity to visit quaint villages, caves, prehistoric monuments, museums and monasteries. Each of the Balearic Islands has a distinct landscape and unique qualities that make it special to visit. The Balearic islands are divided into Gimnesias (Mallorca/Majorca, Menorca /Minorca and Cabrera) in the North, and Pitiusas (Ibiza y Formentera) in the South-West.
Menorca / Minorca located in the Mediterranean off the east coast of the mainland. With its lush, green and stunningly beautiful scenery is known as the windy islands, Legend says that the winds of Menorca modify the personality of people. Menorca certainly has a very strong personality, and a very different one to the rest of the islands. Menorca / Minorca, the "minor" island and shows interesting remains of its old history. On the other hand, there are beaches and lonely bays around it at a length of 216 kilometres. An ideal resort for all those who are looking for true relaxation.

Menorca / Minorca has been, since prehistoric times to more recent times, a staging point of different cultures owing to its strategic location in the heart of the western Mediterranean. Menorca/ Minorca is basically an unknown island in terms of modern tourism. Its rocky and ever-changing coastline is made up of magnificent beaches and coves, some of which are being developed, and others which are secluded and quiet, The entire island is really all coast. Menorca / Minorca presents a fairly level landscape, its highest point being Mount Toro, on the top of which stands the shrine of the island's patron saint. The views from here are quite breathtaking.

Mahón, is the island's capital. It's architecture shows evident British influence, remaining from the time when Menorca was part of the British Empire. Still you can see by the way the ruins of the old English Marine Hospital. Mao as Mahon is known in Menorquin has been Menorca's capital since 1721, when the British officially acknowledged the attractions of its vast natural harbour which is 5kilometres long, over 1 kilometre at its widest and up to 30 metres deep makes it is one of the largest natural harbours in the world, this coupled with Its location in the Mediterranean, has made lt a strategic stronghold for many nations throughout history.

When planning your visit it's worth thinking of Mahon as having two, distinct focal points - the town centre and its harbour. In the centre there are few monuments but plenty of historic buildings, One of the oldest is the 16th century Arch de San Roque where you can see remains of the medieval walls that once surrounded the town. Other buildings of interest include the nearby Town Hall, built in 1631 and then restored, the Church of Santa Maria with its 3000 pipe organ and the Casa de Cultura library on Plaza de la Conquesta square.

Also always popular, is the town's market which happens twice weekly More upscale shopping can be found in Mahon's many boutiques. (Shoes, jewellery, pearls and gin distilled locally are all good buys.) A long stairway links the city centre at Ses Voltes to the waterfront area known as Cala Figuera, this deep water cove offers tempting places to eat and drink as well as enjoy good views of the Illa del Rei in the middle of the harbour. It's all especially pretty at night. For the best views of all take one of the many boat trips around the harbour, or make your way over to 'S'Altra banda' where you can look back across to the town opposite.

Ciutadella are proud that their town was the island's capital from the Moorish epoch until 18th century. There are several palaces which show off its glorious past. The entire town was declared a National Monument by the Spanish state. Ciutadella is very traditional small town with an interesting cathedral. Nearby is the naveta (prehistoric tomb) of Els Tudons, the largest and best preserved of its kind. Citutadella is a typical Mediterranean town with colourful narrow lanes and local fishing village, surrounded by pine groves, with a large natural port. Most people come to Ciutadella for the craft markets held twice weekly. The harbour has a narrow inlet into one of the smallest ports in the Mediterranean. Here you can relax in the harbour's Cafes and bath in sunshine whilst watching the boats bob up and down and the people strolling by.

Distance from Airport to Mahon City Centre is 4 Miles