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Malaga - Andalucia - Spain

The Paseo del Parque is a large avenue that runs between the port and the old quarter of the city, with its sides lined with gardens it provides ample shade from the heat of the day under its many palms and plane trees. It is popular with locals for sitting in the afternoon and watching the world go by whilst breathing in the perfume of the jasmine which arch over some of the paths around the gardens. Behind the Paseo del Parque lies Malaga's famous Cathedral, La Manquita - which means "the little one armed lady". Its styles incorporate Renaissance, Baroque and neoclassical because of the length of time it took to build. The Cathedral has only one tower, building was halted on the second tower due to lack of money. Inside there are fine carvings of saints in the choir's area, a gothic altar and a statue of the Virgin Mary, which was presented to the city by Ferdinand and Isabella (the King and Queen) after the city was re-captured from the Moors.

Alcazaba Some five minutes walk from the the Cathedral is Alcazaba, a 15th Century Moorish fort. The fort rambles across a hill which used to form part of the shore line, before the land that now forms the port was recaptured from the sea. Next to the fort is a 1st Century Roman theatre which is currently under restoration, the job being made all the more difficult because much of the theatre's masonry was used by the Moors in the construction of Alcazaba.

Gibralfaro The name comes from the Moorish Jebel meaning hill and Faro meaning lighthouse. Gibralfaro crowns the top of hill that overlooks the city. The road that leads to the top is long and winding, if you feel like walking it will certainly help keep you fit, otherwise there are buses that run from the town centre or you can take one of Malaga's abundance of taxis. Once at the summit you will have a superb vista of the City including the bullring (Malagueta), the Port and the beaches surrounding the city. The Moorish castle at the summit is more impressive than the rambling Alcazaba and in better condition. The gardens at the top are a perfect place to sit and take in the fantastic panoramic views. Picasso

Malaga is very proud of its famous artist and the airport is named after him. He actually only spent the first 14 years of his life in the city before his family moved to Barcelona. Recently many of Picasso's works were donated by his daughter-in-law, the city has built a museum dedicated to the artist. The house where he lived in Malaga is also a popular tourist attraction, although it is no longer open to the public. It is situated facing Plaza de la Merced, a relaxing place to go and have an afternoon coffee, or before going to the nearby Cervantes Theatre.