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Ibiza - Balearic Islands - Spain

Balearic Islands draws the sun loving tourists to the superb beaches, trendy resorts and lively nightlife. The excellent climate with some 300 days of sun per year make Balearic Islands one of the preferred holiday destinations in Spain Chartering a private yacht in these sun-splashed islands gives you the opportunity to visit quaint villages, caves, prehistoric monuments, museums and monasteries. Each of the Balearic Islands has a distinct landscape and unique qualities that make it special to visit. The Balearic islands are divided into Gimnesias (Mallorca/Majorca, Menorca /Minorca and Cabrera) in the North, and Pitiusas (Ibiza y Formentera) in the South-West.

Ibiza, is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and together with Formentera forms the "Pitiusas" islands, it means "islands of pine trees". often called the White Island for its typical architecture, became a major tourist attraction during the 1960s, being then famous for its "Hippie-Culture" and nudist beaches. Located on a hill just at the seaside and surrounded by impressive fortifications, offers a unique and colourful ambience, with its narrow lanes and numerous shops and stands. Ibiza has lots to offer for the younger generation, families and older visitors, however it mainly attracts younger clientele who are attracted by the island's nightlife, which starts in the afternoon, at the beaches and in the centre of town, to continue until dawn in the numerous clubs. Ibiza town is old. You can start anywhere on the edge of town and begin a labyrinth walk through narrow cobbled streets, where each corner holds a surprise in its history. If you leave the beaches behind you to explore the island's interior, you will find a pure and simple Mediterranean culture, and remains of populations which inhabited Ibiza thousands of years ago, as for instance the famous wall-paintings of Ses Fontelles.

The Island of Ibiza consists of Four Larger towns such as San Antonio, San Miguel, Santa Eulalia, San Juan. The rest consists of smaller villages Softly undulating green hills swathed in Pine trees spread out before you; picturesque Ibiza countryside, whitewashed little villages surrounding Medieval churches.

San Antonio Situated on the west coast of the island is a good centre from which to explore the island of Ibiza. In the past San Antonio was a small fishing village but soon developed. From San Antonio most of the island excursions and ferries leave and the airport is only 24 minutes away. The new promenade is a favourite for locals and tourists who walk along it during the cooler hours of morning and evening. San Antonio bay, "Cala de Bou" is slightly quieter than San Antonio town, which is good for families that want to have everything nearby without being in the thick of it. The bay has many good bars, restaurants and clubs. There are no beaches in the town itself though there are numerous thin strips of sandy beach starting from the outskirts of the town and stretching all along the bay. This resort is aimed chiefly at the 18-30's age group. There are a multitude of bars, fun-pubs and clubs. The Bay area facing St Antonio is aimed more at families and is far quieter than the town, beaches, value for money restaurants and children friendly pubs, the area is well developed and can be lively in high season. Small ferries bob across and around the bay throughout the day and early evening.

Situated on the east coast of the island running along the only river in the Balearics San Eulalia / Santa Eulalia del Rio is Ibiza's third largest resort and is only 21 kilometres from the airport. In Santa Eulalia you will find the perfect combination of activities for your holiday, at any time of the year. The island of Ibiza considers Santa Eulalia as the cultural capital. The local restaurants are especially famous for their seafood dishes. The Central Beach below the promenade is an extremely long, wide beach of fine white sand drawn from the sea. The Mariner's Beach to the south is one of the wonders of Spain, to be found here is where the only river in the Balearics runs into the sea over a shallow sand bed. The view from the church on the hill is well worth the effort of the uphill walk to get there

Puerto San Miguel nestles beneath cliffs in an almost landlocked bay In the north of Ibiza San Miguel is a natural fishermen's port with a small, curved natural sand beach, protected by pine covered surrounding hills delightful for walks. San Miguels bay is very interesting for snorkelling and diving, There are a few bars and restaurants in this quiet 'family friendly' resort. A good place to visit and cool down is the nearby cave of San Marco (Cueva C'an Marça).

San Juan, is Ibiza's unspoilt, green municipality. The Es Amunts area is the lifeblood of Ibiza, and Benirras beach is one of the most well known, as it is both very attractive and a place where the full moon is celebrated. The northern area is the most rugged, the villages of San Juan and San Miguel being particularly attractive. Finally, the spectacular cliffs of Na Xamena also deserve a mention.

The airport is located 7 kilometres (4.5 miles) from Ibiza