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Florida - USA

Florida in the United States of America is known as the "Sunshine State". It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Today it is known as the United States 22nd State in terms of size. It the most popular area for travel with tourists from all over the world. Mainly Families which wish to take the children to Disney Land and enjoy the weather.

Florida is full of Golden sand beaches, but there are also mangrove thickets, barren coral islands and reedy estuaries.

In the middle of the state, Orlando stands as the undisputed capital of the theme park. Along the Atlantic coast, Miami simmers with Caribbean and Latin American flair, and sights such as alligators in the Everglades and the space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Centre allows you to enjoy your holiday whilst combine education. You become convinced that all of Florida was constructed after 1970, sites like St. Augustine are living proof that Florida's historical roots are some of the deepest in the U.S. On the Gulf coast, a stop in Tampa / St. Petersburg will provide all the comfort and entertainment that a booming modern metro area can provide. A few hours down the highway, on Sanibel Island, you can tour a piece of wild Florida that has not changed in centuries.

Winter is the prime season in southern Florida, where temperatures range between 71-77 F/22-25 C during the day and 50-60 F/10-16 C at night. Occasional cold snaps can occur as far south as Miami.