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Dublin - Ireland

Take your time when travelling around the country. While it's possible to drive the length of Ireland in less than a day and to traverse the width of the country in a few hours, We suggest explore a particular region, whether on foot, on horseback or behind the wheel, mindful of the wandering sheep on small back roads.

Ireland offers Stunning coastal scenery, charming people, excellent golfing, horse racing, fishing, fine theatre, bird watching (for puffins, terns and other northern sea birds), historical sites and ruins, lush gardens, shopping and legendary Irish pubs (where Guinness Stout and Irish whiskey flow freely). Ireland will appeal to almost everyone. However, the same natural elements that make the countryside so green make the weather cool and damp.

Dublin's official date of establishment was in 988 A.D. although evidence of it's existence dates back to the second century in which it was named Eblana. Norman Vikings were the first settlers of the city, and many artefacts, old walls and buildings have been uncovered on the first site.

Nowadays Dublin is a charming, walkable city and the corner pub lives up to its reputation for providing a warm welcome. Dublin also includes high-tech companies, many of them housed in the lovely Georgian homes that line the city's streets. Although the high-tech industrial boom that rejuvenated the Irish economy in recent years has slowed, new high-rises and cosmopolitan restaurants and hotels continue to spring up next door to traditional taverns and friendly guest houses, while a beehive of construction work aimed at improving the city's infrastructure buzzes around them. Dublin is a city in transition, from medieval capital to exciting commercial centre.

Visitors will find that Dublin is a place of great cultural and historical interest. As the birthplace of Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and many other renowned writer.