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Speed Restrictions
The speed limit in most states is now 65 mph (about 110 km/h), unless signs indicate slower speeds.

Speed limits are strictly enforced by radar in many states (especially the eastern highly populated areas).

Speeding in any road construction area is strictly enforced with very heavy penalties in most states.

The speed limit in front of every school is 15 mph when the warning lights are flashing. You are required to stop in both directions for any school bus with flashing lights. These rules are strictly enforced in every state and have severe penalties for disobedience.
Other Driving Laws
Each of the 50 states has its own set of traffic laws and regulations - fortunately most are very similar.

Most states require the driver and front passengers to wear seat belts and many require children to wear seat belts even in the back seats. Special child restraint seats are required for all young children.

Some states require you to use daytime running lights during rain.

Drinking alcohol and driving is forbidden and strictly enforced in all states.

When using junctions fitted with traffic signals in the USA be aware that you are permitted to turn right when faced with a red light if the way is clear.
The US highway system
The USA has an extensive system of interstate highways and state maintained roads. Some of the major highways are toll roads often called turnpikes, but most are free. All major interstate highways running north to south have odd numbers and are ordered from I-5 on the Pacific coast to I-95 along the Atlantic coast. All interstates running east to west are evenly numbered beginning with I-8 and I-10 near the Mexican border to I-94 near Canada.